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At first glance, what do you think are the occupations of the gentlemen in this picture? Maybe business executives? Accountants? Professional communicators? Health care professionals? Or, maybe owners of multi-faceted businesses??  And, where do you think they might be from?

Actually, these men hold each and every one of those jobs listed above, along with many more depending on the daily task at hand. How can that be you ask?  Because a farmer or rancher has to be able to do any one of those jobs on any given day. And, they happen to be from different states, all across our great nation.

When any of us head into the grocery store or out to the restaurant, or even to the farmer’s market, it is not uncommon to at least have a fleeting thought about some of the production work that went into growing the food that is there.

What many people often don’t think about is all of the work farmers and ranchers have to do off of the farm in order to have the freedom to continue doing what they love to do. Some days they may visit their banker or insurance agent. Other days can be filled with purchasing supplies and inputs. But why on earth would ranchers be standing around at a meeing in suits? Aren’t they more commonly seen in jeans & boots? Of course they are!


Common workwear often includes camo!

Today I was in Washington, D.C. with other beef producers discussing the beef community’s challenges and opportunities at hand. Think about teachers or health professionals or country music performers. Each profession has an organization for people with similar interests. In today’s world, those of us raising cattle for beef cannot stand idly by and let others determine our fate. We have to step off the ranch or feedyard – in our boots –

My boot is the fun black one with the super comfortable square toe!

and educate others as to what really needs to happen to keep healthy, safe, nutritious beef as an everyday meal option.

It is completely my honor to serve with absolutely “stand-up” men and women from all over the U.S. with as much passion as I have for beef and the entire beef community.

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Kaydee turned 16 while I was at the Cattle Industry Summer Conference in Orlando.  What a treat for her to get to go there with me – and eat that delicious cake (that I bought for her)!  I have received some pretty great birthday presents, but I don’t know that any of them compare to cake in Florida!

 We stayed in a super nice hotel where she took advantage of spa services and the swimming pool.  I thought it was great fun to check in on the alligators and turtles each time I went from our room to the meeting area!

And of course, we had to make it to a theme park one night.  Our park of choice was Islands of Adventure, right beside Universal.  We started off with the Spider Man ride, made our way to the not-surprisingly long wait for the new Harry Potter ride, enjoyed some burgers at the NBA restaurant, and then finished with the Jurassic Park ride.  Yes – at least one time on that last ride, while heading straight down and feeling like I would certainly fly out over the padded bar that was supposed to hold me in…I screamed like a little girl.  And of course, the perfectly timed camera for the ride captured every ounce of horror I was feeling – NO! we did NOT purchase that picture!  And yes – I was soaked!

Besides the fun stuff, Kaydee decided to sit in on a couple of  my meetings with me.  I wasn’t shocked that she wanted to join me, but I was surprised that she took a genuine interest in the topics of discussion and opportunities that lie ahead for beef.  The committee I sit on is the New Products committee, so I’m sure it helped that we got to do some taste-testing…that’s definitely one of my favorite parts of the meeting!  I was pleased that after we left, she did ask questions for clarification and she showed a true interest in making sure the breeding decisions we make on our farm are the best for not only the cow herd & seedstock production, but the meat that will be the end result.  At her young age, she gets the big picture.

Certainly, having a teenage girl, or any teenager for that fact, in the household can be a challenge.  Kaydee’s maturity and sincerity for beef production she is displaying assure me that she is doing o.k. & all the people along with Matt and I that are helping to shape her into who she is – well folks, we are all doing something right.  Whew!

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