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We have still been cleaning up the Kottmeyer Place.  Everything about it is an adventure.  There are so many cool OLD things to wonder at!  One of the things I wonder at is how many years worth of Old Granddad bottles are in one glass pile.  That would be one of my less favorite drinks of choice, but based on the pile,there was a fair amount consumed on that place through the years – I’m sure, often times, with friends, telling stories.  Roy Henry certainly knew how to tell a good story that never ended without belly laughs.

Roy Henry

Roy Henry ALWAYS had a dog with him!

This is what good belly laughs look like!!!   IMG_6703

As we gather up piles of iron, wood, glass and so on, it’s easy to imagine what farming was like 100 years ago.  I have stories from my grandparents to help solidify the images of smaller fields, larger gardens, horse-drawn equipment, early tractors, and of course, the old outhouse!  Gosh – that is one thing that proves to me that God knew the right era to put me in.  I am game to be one with nature if necessary, but to run out to an outhouse through a blizzard – I just don’t know if I’m that tough!

From our grandparents’ stories, we know exactly how much change they got to see in their lifetimes.  They did go from horse-drawn equipment to tractors with cabs.  They went from thrashing crews to combines with air conditioners and bin monitors.  They used crank telephones and ended up having cell phones.  They celebrated yields of 60 bushel per acre corn long before they were disappointed with 100 bushel per acre corn.  They got to experience so much advancement in their lifetimes!

I have reached an age where I am old enough to love myself (that means I am way past my 20’s and beyond my 30’s). I think about what farming was like for my family when I was a kid and I wonder what is yet to come in the next 50 years.  I know it will be nothing short of amazing!  We already have driver-less tractors – well, WE don’t have that, but they have been created.  We do have a drone at our place that gets used to check on where cattle are, look at pasture or crop quality, and so on.  Seed genetics and soil health have improved immensely.  And livestock – we have much better facilities, genomic data, carcass usage, and ultimately, eating satisfaction.  Heck, we can even Ask Chuck how to prepare a cut of beef!  It’s hard to believe we can get EVEN better at what we all do, but there are a lot of very bright minds working to help us do just that.

I hope that as we continue to make advancements, we do so  wisely.  Every choice should leave our land, water, and air in better condition than when we became the manager of it.

I treasure this line that I saw in an essay contest written by a young lady named Grace:  “Honoring tradition and being bound by it are two different things.”  May we always honor the important traditions of our families and our communities.  May we also embrace and implement advancements in technology, farming practices, and food production while honoring those important traditions.

Just for fun and because I love it, even though the ONLY thing about it that ties together with this blog is tradition, i.e. the father-daughter dance, here is one of my favorite pictures from the summer. And yes, she chose a dress with a very long, gorgeous train that was a beast to bustle up!


I hope that a hundred years from now fathers are still dancing with their daughters.

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We have been getting rain – lots and lots of rain!!!  We would have given anything to have received this rain back in May and June and July.  I won’t be a whiner – I really am thankful for the moisture now, and I do realize it really is a blessing, but golly, it would be nice for the crops to get harvested.  And to have the cattle pens not be muddy.  And to have the gravel roads not be a muddy disaster.  Okay – sorry, I did whine there just a little bit.  Yes, this rain is a blessing, it doesn’t seem like that many years ago we had a very dry fall with strong winds and combines and fields were catching on fire all over the place.  We will gladly deal with a little mud.


Sometimes things do happen just at the right time.  Last summer we were literally 24 hours from having to drive an hour one way to pick up a water trailer, drive another 20 minutes to load the trailer with water, and then back to the pasture and home again – all for one of the pastures of cows to have water to drink.  Their pond was down to the tiniest muddy water hole you can imagine.  We also had a list of cows we were willing to sell because we just weren’t going to have enough grass to get them all through the summer.  Amazingly, we received enough rain to fill that pond the very next day.  And since then we have received enough rain to keep the grass going.  God is good!  That was a very timely blessing!


These little corn plants ended up getting just enough rain to make a nice crop.

How many times in life do we think, “if this had only happened then, not now?”  Or even more often, how often to we receive or encounter something that we wish would never happen at all?  There are always struggles, whether they are with health or finances, or for farmers, the weather; and sometimes they are with friends or family relationships.  Our pastor reminded us last Sunday (yes, it was raining then, too), it will be o.k.  It always ends up being o.k.  It may not be exactly as you planned and it may stretch your faith and make you get out your thinking cap, but it will be o.k.


This is the rain that came just in time last summer – it was a million dollar rain for the area.

I feel like I need to share some comfort food after all of this.  Since it’s been damp and chilly, we have already kicked off soup season at our house.  Here is a recipe link for a DELICIOUS potato soup we just had.  Matt and I both highly recommend it (especially with plenty of bacon)!


Potato Soup

P.S.  I know I have been VERY VERY bad about blogging the past couple (er, maybe 3) years.  I have committed to myself to get back to it.  If anyone reads these posts, push me – make me be better about blogging and I certainly welcome topic ideas!



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