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Have some FUN!…

I realize “fun” can be a very relative term, but I also realize after this summer full of all sorts of events, both planned and unplanned, it is super important to have fun EVERY DAY! I have actually noticed that guys, in particular, are very good at this. I know that I (and I think the case is the same for many gals) have a bit to learn from them! I know – it is rather distorted thinking to say that we gals could learn something from the guys. But seriously, I think they are way better than us at enjoying the day to day! Matt only needed $50 worth of spray paint and an old pickup and he had way too much fun – but I have to admit, it turned out pretty cool! It makes for all kinds of fun conversation on a fence job & it can dual purpose from a fenching rig to a mobile deer blind!

Matt had all kinds of fun creating this beauty!

Matt had all kinds of fun creating this beauty!

Ladies, we spend an inordinate amount of time and energy trying to please others – be it making favorite meals, making sure certain clothes are clean, keeping the house just so, and then helping out at church and community events. There is absolutely no reason more fun can’t be had while doing all of those things! There is a fish store in Seattle where everyone absolutely has FUN all the time! You can visit their website here. I encourage you to check it out. Who knew selling fish could be so much fun?

So, if you read my blog, please comment back with how you have fun in your day to day. Hopefully, the comment conversation will give all of us plenty of different ideas and we will all reassure one another that it’s perfectly fine to turn the hose on the kids, or the spouse, or the cat or dog when we are out watering flowers. And, there is absolutely nothing wrong with jumping in the pond to cool off when we have been out cutting cedar trees or chopping thistles and it is a super hot day! And yes, it is certainly o.k. to dye dozens of Easter eggs and then take them out for a little target practice with the family! Live it up, ladies! Life is too short to be so serious and diligent every second of every day!

Ok – I have to add a bit more here. I have promised myself I will always tie food into my blog posts. (I guess I did mention Easter eggs, lol!) As we head into fall and cooler weather – I am really excited for weaning calves and choosing replacement heifers for our herd. This is a big time of year for us. Not only do we take in the dollars we have been working all year for, & a fair chunk of our grocery money for the year, but we also choose the heifers the kids will spend the rest of the year showing. All of the calves that are not kept as females to go back into the herd or as bulls to sell to other breeders go to a feed yard. Our goal with our cattle is ultimately a wonderful beef-eating experience for whomever ends up with the end product of our animals. It is kind of sad to think about, but it is also very rewarding to know that we are supplying many people with one of the most nutrient dense proteins available, not to mention the protein that is SUPER DELICIOUS off of the grill!

Happy fall, ya’ll!

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