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From National FFA 2012…

  • What it takes to keep sanity – LOTS of patience, some grace, a little sweet tea, and a lot of humor!
  • What it takes pay for the meals – ideally a parent sponsor on the trip with you!
  • What it takes to get 20 different kids in 4 different places at one time – 6 chaperones, 3 vans, and lots of calling and        texting…and some awesome code talk on the walkie-talkies!
  • What it takes to entertain high school boys – hand fishing at a koi fish farm!

  • What it takes to feed the world…some VERY ambitious, innovative, and determined farmers!
  • What else it takes to feed the world…professional, progressive agriculture companies to supply inputs to the farmers!
  • What the Ag Sales competitors learned today…from when they woke up this morning to when they head to bed tonight, the world gained an additional 210,000 mouths to feed!
  • What else the Ag Sales competitors learned today…extremely successful agriculture companies know that they are competing in this contest at this level and they will be sought after as future employees! Yes! It sinks in that all of the practicing and bonding time and embarrasing mistakes and do-overs…they pay off!!! These kids are the best of the best in the nation. They will be the ones who become influencers of the next generation to make sure we have enough to feed, fuel and clothe the world! I could not be more honored to have helped four of them get here!!!

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The amazing, delicious donuts my Mom made for all of us on Sunday.

Now that I have your attention… LOL!!! I really have nothing to write about the donuts – I shared their story of Facebook. I just had to post the picture one more time. 🙂

As I write this, people, especially young people, are arriving in Indianapolis from all 50 of the United States, as well as Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Some 55,000 FFA members and sponsors will be here this week for the 2012 National FFA Convention. Some will arrive by plane, some by bus, and may God bless our drivers, our kids came by van. 3 loads of them.

I have the distinct pleasure of helping sponsor the Sandy Creek chapter – all 20 (ish) of them. The nerd in me just did the math; that is .0363% of the attendees. Not 3%, .03%. Wow!

What an encouraging site to see – kids that are excited about agriculture and leadership! I will fill by blog this week with pictures and stories of what’s going on. For now – here is a picture I took Sunday afternoon – offering up a little serenity to my fellow sponsors. 🙂

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Emmet told me the other day that I hadn’t written a new post for a while & it was time I did! Of course, he also implied that maybe it would be cool if it had something  to do with him, the shy teenage boy that he is…Not so much! Haha!

Well, here it goes:

15 years ago, about at the exact time I am writing this, Emmet came into the world like a champ. He let out some squalls, pinked right up, and took right to nursing. And, he is still hungry all of the time! Fortunately, he also likes to cook. I have to say that for the first 6 or 7 years, I thought he might not be a very big kid.

He was just so darn cute when he was little! Sigh…

Well, I have certainly changed my thinking on that one! He as grown almost 6 inches in the past year!

So, what was it like for Emmet to grow up on a farm? Well, our kids went along everywhere right from the get-go.  We have never had much problem with them being sick – I am pretty sure that is because they had such a great opportunity to build up immunity from being exposed to all kinds of people and animals and all that involves. When he was less than a month old, a HUGE blizzard hit. We got 24 inches of wet, heavy snow on October 24…and…we were at my parents’ house when it had snowed to the point that there was no way we could drive the 30 miles to our own house. My brother saw that as nothing but a true blessing. He had us there to help with all of the extra cattle chores a blizzard brings! We knew that if we had to be snowed in somewhere, all the better to be at Mom and Dad’s because we got to enjoy Mom’s cooking and help with the kids for however long it lasted, which ended up being several days!

As Emmet has grown, he has gone through every stage…the cowboy stage, the athletic shorts and t-shirt stage, the baseball stage, the girls are fun stage, the girls are stupid stage, and on and on. Even with the changes of what was most cool at the time, he has always loved to help outside and do things with the cattle. He knew how to help move cows through the alley toward the squeeze chute by the time he was three years old.

Emmet got his first show halter as a Christmas gift.

Oh, believe, me…he is not all about work all of the time. Yes, he does help make work fun with the comments he makes and stunts he pulls, but he also likes to play. And he has liked to be a bit of a daredevil ever since he was quite small!

I am amazed at the young man he is growing into and I am so very proud that he loves agriculture, cattle in particular, and he appreciates and shares with others where food really comes from. I guess we could have soured him on the farm by taking him along all of the time, but letting him help, even when he was little, developed a sense of pride in what we do. Thank goodness!…we need his young muscles to help get some things done sometimes!…I am not the super strong ball of muscles I used to be! (OK – maybe I was never THAT strong, but geez, I can’t lift like I used to, darn it!)

First day of school – Fall 2012

So, to close this blog post, Happy Birthday, Emmet. Love You!!!

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