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This post will probably be my one and only like this – sorry, my intolerance for self-inflicted medical problems is going to sail quickly from my brain to my fingertips to my screen to your screen. There are people around this world wondering where their next meal will come from and then there are people who just maybe have too many choices (no fat, no sugar, diet everything) available!

There are thousands of people from around the world trying to influence the eating choices of everyone else. Their reasons for doing so may range from genuine care to activist driven enthusiasm to economic gain and anything and everything in between.  I tend to write about farming and ranching in general and try to remind folks that the beef my family raises is very good for them in many ways. This post is a little different from my usual.

So, why the title chosen for this post…Just Eat? Sometimes I run across people who make TERRIBLE eating choices that eventually become genuine eating disorders.  My daughter has a friend who got way more than she probably bargained for in a several night stay with our family while her folks are on vacation. I just HATE seeing a beautiful teenage girl not provide her body with the necessary nutrients to function as God intended. We finally got to a point where I think she was hearing what I was saying about necessary calories and physical activity to burn those calories (and, putting on make-up and doing your hair do NOT count in that!) and what should comprise that caloric intake. I am a firm believer that some sort of “chip/cracker things” made primarily of air and a little of seeds or rice or something do not count as breakfast!

Ok, sorry, that may have been a bit more ranting than any of you readers needed. Please, please, please remember that your body needs a balance of nutrients, including protein, in order for all parts and pieces to play together nicely. When you don’t provide your body what it needs, it lets you know by retaliating, sometimes in very serious and potentially fatal ways.

So, if there is anyone out there who was having doubts about including beef in your diet often – let me assure you, almost 6 oz per day can by HEALTHY for you! Not only can you improve your overall cholesterol level, but you get all kinds of protein, Zinc, Iron, and Vitamin B. You can find out more about the BOLD diet here. It is a thorough report, so be ready for detail! In addition, rest assured that the fat that is in beef, which is what adds super delicious flavor and juiciness, is quite good for you. When you let your body take in some fat, you crave less other things like simple carbohydrates, making it much easier to control your overall intake of calories. I say it’s still ok to have some chocolate, too – that’s just necessary for general happiness 🙂

All my life, I have heard from my grandma and teachers and t.v. commercials and who knows where else, “You are what you eat.” Well, I guarantee, I would rather eat and be muscle than some kind of air chip cracker seed kind of thing!

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Wow! I have found my jet lag threshold! A 14-hour time zone change takes some adjusting for this set-in-its-ways body! I was very fortunate this past week to have the opportunity to promote beef in the wonderful city/country of Singapore.

Don’t you love how the Chinese New Year decoration in this store looks like it’s popping right out of my head? Totally festive!!

While there I got to visit with people involved in all different aspects of beef marketing, from importers to retail store managers to chefs. I was truly impressed with everyplace we visited.

At this point in time, we share much of the meat case with beef from Australia, Japan, and even a little from Ireland. U.S. beef is a favorite for many shoppers and they especially love corn-fed beef! I was VERY glad to hear that, as beef from our family’s farm certainly suits their taste buds!

I was not surprised to learn that meat customers there, just like here, appreciate knowing where their food comes from. Consumers who have ample food supplies available to them are all similar in many ways, regardless of what hemisphere they reside in.

Many people in Singapore are preparing to celebrate the Chinese New Year. 2012 is the year of the Dragon & I am told that people try to have a baby in the year of the dragon because it will have much good fortune. HHMMMM….I was born in the year of the Rat – what does that mean?????

Even in a city/country that has strong Chinese influence, there is still a Chinatown – I had to go there on my last night there just to see the decorations & witness the start of the celebrations.

They definitely go all out!

Happy Chinese New Year!

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So, after a VERY quiet transition into 2012, that whole tick of a second on a clock, HERE WE GO – FULL SCHEDULE AHEAD!!!!  Did you make a New Year’s resolution for yourself? I know all kinds of people make all kinds of resolutions regarding exercise and eating better and physical wellness & I think that is just great – for them. I have resolved to not make a resolution, aka promise, to myself that is just totally impossible to accomplish if I want to spend more than 5 hours per night sleeping.  Oh, I LOVE to exercise, running (or rather jogging at a comfortable pace) is my favorite, followed closely by ZUMBA in the privacy of my basement where NO ONE can witness my lack of belly dancing skills, and then of course, there’s just plain work, preferably outdoor work in amazing weather like we’ve been enjoying lately.  I will resolve to eat and exercise just as I always do – I eat enough to enjoy food and have energy and I exercise enough to burn off  the caloric intake.

I didn’t want to share a picture of myself eating, but here are some of our mature herd bulls enjoying some range cubes this past Monday…

Matt has been thrilled with this nice weather-fence jobs that would typically have to wait until Spring are getting completed week by week right now. He REALLY appreciated that we had fencing weather while the kids were home from school! I was bummed he didn’t get a picture of her in action, but Kaydee is getting ever so slightly more brave on the skid loader and she has drilled some post holes. Progress my friends, progress.  We’ll see how she does on the next job. 🙂

So, that crazy schedule…Of course, Matt is working away on fence, we are breaking two new heifers to lead, Kaydee is playing basketball, Emmet is wrestling, and I am getting my regular work done in addition to trying to help all of them, be at their activities, and I am going to travel to Singapore as a representative for the Nebraska Beef Council.  Guess what – throw on top of all of that a broken pipe in our basement bathroom drainage plumbing. Darn!!!! This is when I’m SO glad I have (o.k., get, heehee) to travel to promote beef – I KNOW my hotel room will have a shower. We have only a tub in our upstairs bathroom. Maybe, with any luck, my loving husband will have that pipe fixed when I get back home….I do hope so….he only has about a half-dozen other things on his plate to get done – what’s one more???

We all love all of the activities we do & we are all thankful for the chores we get to do. There is a solitude in feeding and checking cattle that just can’t be explained unless you really enjoy it.

I know I took quite a break from writing for the holiday – I did a ton of cleaning in my house and spent time with the family – it was GREAT!  As I get back into my routine of blogging, there will be a recipe frenzy – we ate some YUMMY stuff over the holidays! I will gladly share those recipes with all of you.  Happy New Year!

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